Cat Hunter
Cat Hunter
Content Creator

Content is Queen.


I help busy businesses produce quality content.

You recognise the value of an engaged audience, and want to do more to connect with yours. It’s time you’re short of, and that’s where I come in…


This gun’s for hire.

Hello, I’m Cat — a Content Creator specialising in ecommerce, raising a business and a family in Bath, UK.

Graduating from The University of Oxford with a BA in English Lit and a boundless enthusiasm for writing, I’ve spent ten years working in ecommerce and tech sectors (Carsonified, SmashingConf, Shopify.)

My adaptable writing style and industry experience come together to produce polished content for businesses ready to build engaged, loyal audiences.

In recent years, my focus has been on community engagement and education in the offline space, which has honed my eye for practical, actionable content, and this remains my calling card.

If your SMB is in need of a little assistance in the murky realms of content marketing, copywriting or offline engagement, I’d love to help.

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How I help my clients.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Our online presence doesn’t represent the ambition and expertise of our company; we have so much to share, but struggle to find our voice.

There’s no consistency to our blog; we have plenty to say but bug fixes and feature shipment eat away at our time, and we fall behind.

Our app has so much potential, but we lack compelling case studies and struggle to illustrate the impact it could have on individual businesses.

We’re bogged down in support requests that always seem to be covering the same old ground… Our documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

Friend, you are not alone.

I work with agencies, platforms, app developers, and everyone in between to fulfill the perennial need for well researched, engaging on and offline content which shows products and services off to their full potential.

If you’re looking for an experienced writer, who’ll seamlessly integrate to complement your established team, we should talk.


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